Pop up guy catching a fish!


Oh this was fun! hehe! A fun design to make.....especially for the front of the card, loved it very much, but the design on the inside was the one that really tested my patience hehehe! My aunt's friend ordered this card for her hubby's birthday......and he LOVES to go fishing! So that's how this card came about. It's all about his love for fishing.....and I tried to translate it on this card.

I wanted to do something like this for a longest time but never had the guts to do it plus I didn't know how......so I did some research on the net on the shape of a guy holding a fishing rod. Gosh, this was so difficult to do.....urgggh!! I almost gave up. But I had no choice but to carry on as time was limited to find any other ideas. I had to stick to the original idea and just try to make it work!

I know I know......the guy does look a little funny right??? It looks as if he is holding a light saber instead of a fishing rod!! hahaha! But, hey......at least I tried!!! LOL! It was a good experiment though....hopefully in time I will be able to make it look better. :)


SOHO Mama said…
Wow, creative nyer!!!

Dont give up! Once you've done this, there's nothing that u can't do :)

Anyway, did Tan call you? I mintak dia call u straight je, senang deal kan..anyway, I need to order a card for my sister's bday 23 march. Sempat lagi? Nanti i email u k..
Azlina Abdul said…
Millie...thanks dear!! Terharunyer!!! huhuhu!

Miss Tan dah contact I semalam...hopefully she and I can have a "long term relationship" in business hehehe! Thanks ya Millie, appreciate it very much!!
Azlina Abdul said…
Millie....cepat2 hantar order for your sis's birthday ok? Kalau lambat takut I tak sempat nak buat huhuhu
Grace to You said…
You are doing incredible things with the pop-ups, girl! I can't believe this card - so clever and cute as all get-out (a very Southern US term lol). Great work!
Azlina Abdul said…
Sandi dear....I can't believe it myself sometimes hehehe...I love the challenge though, it keeps my mind working! LOL!

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