My first wedding invitation cards

WI001(Limited edition) WI002 (Limited edition)THESE CARDS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

I am so thrilled that all the wedding invitation cards are all done! This is the first time I was given the opportunity to do invitation cards for a wedding. I must say I was a bit intimidated at first and was really worried with the amount of work that will take place once I accepted this order. But luckily it was only for 90 pieces......But even so, I had a hard time getting them done in the short time frame. This was definitely a lot of work and time consuming.....but I felt so happy to see how happy my customer was when she received the cards from me.......she was glowing with joy hehehe! :)

The motif used was of course a wedding dress......using paper doily as the main element in the design.......but as you can see, there are two types of doily here since there wasn't enough doily for me to make a wedding dress for the black card design. My customer wanted the black one, but the doily was not enough to make 90 pieces of she decided that I do two different types, one black and one dark red.....45 pieces of each. Definitely these wedding cards are of limited edition......I won't be able to do the same ones again as those particular doily design are not available in stock. So if there is anyone who are interested in ordering something similar like these, I would have to use another type of doily design for the wedding dress. So in other words, these wedding dresses are one of a kind hehehe!

The wording on the front design, "Our Wedding" was handwritten by me...........I had to practice writing it many many times on a piece of paper before actually writing it down on the card itself. One slight mistake and all will be ruined! So I had to be careful.....can't make any mistake otherwise I would have to make them all over again.

I have learned a lot from this experience and I believe that I need to learn more in order to make the invitation cards in future. Especially learning how to do the map! Yup! Must learn how to make those hehehe.....Learn, I must! LOL!

Both designs are special in their own way..........the black one is special for the black paper, which is kinda expensive and it's doily design is unique.....with 2 color combination, silver and gold.....the dark red one is special for the tiny flower it has on neckline of the dress, I really love that touch! hehehe


SOHO Mama said…
Lin, cantiknya! And the flower on the neckline...such attention to detail! Keep em coming and well done :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Millie :) It's a lot of experience I will never forget...thank you for making me smile today!
[ t ] is tEdDie said…
Kak lin.. kad2 ni mcm theme warna i je.. hehehe.. cantik la... (cantik la sbb dia warna merah dgn itam...hahahaha) anyway mmg cool pun.. caya la
Azlina Abdul said…
hahaha thanks a lot Teddie! Yup...the black and the red is what the customer wanted....and lagi pun memang warna2 tu sesuai for the doily wedding dresses....the colors makes it look outstanding. :)
Grace to You said…
WOW!! The black/white/gold combination is so sophisticated - and your handwriting is perfect!
Azlina Abdul said…
Sandi...thanks! The written wordings outside was so hard to do...gotta make sure my hands don't shake! hehe! The black wedding card is my fave too...and the hardest one to make between the two:)
unichik said…
sangat cantik.. boleh bg quotation tak?

sgt cantik and detail la ur cards, i love them! esp yg biru tu :)

can u tell me the price?
Azlina Abdul said…
Unichik and Sharifah Zahira....please email me at for the prices or quotations of the cards provide the code numbers of the cards as well when inquiring....thanks!
Anonymous said…
kak...can u mail me the price for this card? thank u!
Farah said…
hai Lin,

love this invitation so much. can u give me the price? appreciate your feedback so much.

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