March 2009 : FULLY BOOKED!

Dear all valued customers..........

Truly sorry to inform everyone that for this month, my schedule is fully booked! Therefore, I won't be able to take anymore orders for this month. However, you are welcomed to book your orders starting 1st of April 2009......

* A little note for serious buyers only.....

For those who are interested to place an order......... please, please allow at least 1 weeks time for me to complete your orders......completion of the orders depend on the quantity of the cards you ordered....the more you order, the longer it takes for me to complete them for you. I work alone therefore I need ample time to make them.

Also, I would like to add that I will only proceed with your order once payment has been made upon confirmation of the order. If you fail to make the payment within the time allocated, I will not entertain your order (in other words, I won't make the cards for you hehehe)......please please understand, I only take serious buyers only.....thank you for your kind understanding of my situation..... :)


Hanim said…
Sib baik I sempat order 2 cards haritu :)

Will visit again in April :)
wah.. tokey card... sampai fully booked... kad kucing I nampaknya April la dapat.. tak per... I sabar menanti.....
Azlina Abdul said… la, nasib baik you sempat order, kalau x, tak dpt la :) See you in April :)

Anis.....meow meow bakal siap nanti hehehe in........April insyaallah... :)

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