The final design......


Hello everyone! Glad to be back at home now......just came back from my short trip to my hometown to deliver some card orders for my Mom's high school reunion. It was indeed quite a challenging project.....the final design was a last minute decision.....a few things from the design had to be altered and I had a panic attack! I changed a few things from the original design, simply because of stock problem and also because of wanting it to look fancier.....There wasn't enough of this...there wasn't enough of that! And I had to do some searching for the materials here and there and everywhere just to make sure the design looks good. Gosh.....I almost gave up but even though it was so challenging, I had to carry on because time was limited and I just had to make good decisions to make it work! Funny how it all turned out in the end.......managed to finish all of the 50 pieces of cards on the day of the distribution itself!!! Phew! My Mom was so worried that I couldn't make it on time.....hahahaha.....but I did it in the end! It was so crazy hahaha.....Never felt so exhausted making cards before......I think this was the worst exhausting card making experience ever! :D

Am so sorry that the photos of the cards are not that clear......I took the photos right after they were done.....and at that time it was already in the, the lighting was not good, plus the photographer (that's me), was too tired to take good photos hahahaha!! LOL!

I'm just glad that I managed to get the cards done and they are happy with the cards.....that's what's important.... I certainly learned a lot from this project..... :)


Grace to You said…
So lovely! And so glad for you that they're done! :)
Anonymous said…
ble ajar tak?? buat la class
berminat la..

Azlina Abdul said…
Sandi...thanks dear! I was so relieved when they were all ready...dead tired too! LOL!

Dian....errmmm....Lin belum bersedia utk mengajar lagi la hehehe....malunyer ihik ihik! :D

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