Blouse full of sequins!


I love this one!!! Can't help it, I sure do love it......I feel so sad to part with this one will be leaving me shortly once I put it in the mailbox to be posted to my customer hehehe! This idea came from my customer herself.....she loved the V012 buttons and sequins card so much but wanted it to be in the form of a bag or clothes or I decided to do a blouse instead! hehehe!

This was so much fun! I had to first figure out what type of blouse to draw and then I glued all the sequins on by one! Sounds like a lot of work right? You got that right! It took me hours to get this one done! But it was well worth the trouble..... :)

I also love the paper bag I drew on the inside of the card......first I drew it on a piece of white paper, then I cut it out and colored it a bit with gold lines.....look fancy shmancy? I think so hehehe.....not sure what people will think about it though but I don't care....coz I love it hehehe.....LOL! :)


yer la cantik..i pun suka
Grace to You said…
Oh my gosh, this is so awesome!!! The cutest blouse ever...great job! :D
SOHO Mama said…
Cantik kan :)
Untuk adik I tuuu..
Azlina Abdul said…
Anis...thanks! I rasa macam nak buat satu lagi and frame it! hehe!

Sandi...thanks dear! I think it's cute too! I felt as if I was a fashion designer for a few hours hehehe!LOL!

Millie....adik you mesti sayang you habis lepas ni ekekeke! :)
gabriela luna said…
Azlina! this is gorgeous! Lovely! Can you make it in my size?
Azlina Abdul said…
Gabriela! I wish I can make one in my size too! LOL!;) Thank you dear!
Cheers to you too!
lilly said…
That is precious! I adore handmade cards & other ACEO. Great job!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Lilly! Appreciate it! :)
taz said…
kak lin. boleh bg tips tak mcm mane nak tampal sequin kecik2 tu. i tried tp asyik tercabut je :(
Azlina Abdul said…
Taz...senang jer, K.Lin guna gam UHU yg jenis liquid tu utk lekatkan sequin pada kertas. Guna hujung lidi atau toothpick utk sapukan gam diatas sequin. Semoga berjaya :)
taz said…
Owh macam tu. Thank you so much Kak Lin :)

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