Valentines Day Promotions

Important updates for all customers of Lin Handmade Greetings Card!

In conjunction with the Valentines Day that's just around the corner.....I am collaborating with Miss Suzana from Little Flower Pot to give you a special promotion! I know I am a bit late with this promotion, but better late than never right? :) Here's what the promotion is all about!

Pre order your Valentines Day flower bouquet from Little Flower Pot and you will receive a
FREE Valentines Day handmade greetings card!! The free handmade greetings cards are actually cards from my Valentines Day card collection:). Tomorrow (4th of February) will be the last day to pre order and get that free hurry hurry!!! There is still time for you to pre order the bouquets today and tomorrow to get your free card! Yay!!!

Contact Miss Suzana of Little Flower Pot and Gifts at:
Office: 03-88887177 , Mobile: 019-2517133

Check out the promotion at her website here:

AND.......from 5th till the 9th of February this month.... I will be giving a special discount for any orders of the selected Valentines Day handmade greetings card. 10% discount will be given for those selected cards within that period. So don't forget to check out those discounted cards soon!


Hally said…
lin, hally here.

ni available utk negeri perak ker?

coz i ingat leh bg to my husband..

dia di perak..
Selena said…
Thanks for the updates.!! I am just looking for the Valentines Day flowers.

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