Pop up fish......

Side view

Top view


I can't remember exactly when my cute little aunt ordered this pop up birthday card from me, but it was definitely quite a while back. She constantly reminded me about it over and over again....week after week.....then days after days.....and yet I never came down to doing it until just a couple of days ago. Honestly I was literally out of ideas.....my mind was occupied with other orders and work that had to be done and I kept postponing making this birthday card for her cute little friend. Then when the time was running out, the deadline was drawing nearer and nearer, I had to force my brain to function otherwise my cute little aunt would murder me for not doing this for her hahaha......LOL!

Her cute little friend loves to go fishing......with her family whenever she has the spare time. So in other words, fishing is the theme and my cute little aunt wants it to be a pop up fish or a pop up sailing boat. I was thinking of doing that sailboat but in the end decided to try this new technique I picked up from the net. It's a different type of pop up....but there weren't any with fish on it. So I had to create my own with the limited ideas in my small brain. :D

The front design is kept fairly simple with water and fishes hanging around spreading some "bubble love" hehehe.......spreading some love in other words, LOL! And on the inside I made it look like as if she managed to catch a fish with the red hot fish dangling from the string of the invisible fishing rod hehehe...... :D There are plenty of fish in the water left for her to catch too! hehehe......I definitely had fun making this design...... :)



nurul aziyana said…
bunga2 gunting sdn?waah kagum..mcm ikut bentuk..freehand ker or ader buat artwork dlu,print then baru gunting??
Azlina Abdul said…
Aziyana.....sebenarnya, bukan semua bunga I gunting sendiri...ada yg I beli dan ada yg I gunting sendiri. Sebab kat kedai tu craft punch yg available tak banyak choice kan? Tu sebab kena buat sendiri kekadangnyer. Usually I lukis freehand jer....hehehe...
CC said…
Oh, my! How cool this is! You did a great job! I bet your auntie loved it! I'm sure her friend will too!
Azlina Abdul said…
Yes dear! They sure did loved it! Yay! :)
✿ n0ra ✿ said…
Salam sis,

I am sorry for not letting you know yesterday but I LOVE this card and made kinda a copy for my colleague's lil' boy. He turned 6 yesterday ;)

Thanks ya! And LOVE ur blog ;)

Here's the link>>> http://pe4rl.blogspot.com/2011/01/semalam-birthday-aimin.html
Hi Nora...

Hehehe takpe Nora, Lin halalkan hehehe....thank you for informing me about it. You did a great job with the pop up card. Love how it turned out! Lin pun dah lama tak buat design macam tu sekarang sejak2 gila buat quilling but hopefully this year I will start making pop ups again :)
✿ n0ra ✿ said…
Thanks Lin and cOming from you meant so much. Then again, I was just ikut exactly ur inspirational card. thehehehe...

Thanks again on ur consent ;)

ps/// Ur blog is also my guidance to quilling. Baru ajer start this year ;)
You're welcome Nora :) No problem!

Oh! That's good news! Lin pun masih lagi banyak kena blajar tentang quilling nih. I'm learning a lot from my sifu As from Simple Ryhme and Miyyah@Kertas. Their quilling designs are awesome!

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