1st Anniversary............

I wrote the dates of their wedding day on both of the big red heart shapes (07.02.08 - 07.02.09) exactly one year of marriage to each other hehehe......pops up at the top part of the card with smaller heart shapes with a combination of reds, beige and gold.....

Slowly opening up the card........to the see pop up hearts! :)


This card design is an order I got from one of my regular customer.......it's her 1 year wedding anniversary hehehe.....and so it's the first time I had to make an anniversary card :). With this customer....it's always a first time for me to do anything hehehe......and she always make me try new ideas......best kan???? :) She wanted a square card......and you know what??? I think I love this shape too! It's like one of those Memory Lane card shapes you can find in the market but this one is a bit smaller......couldn't make it any bigger than this! hehe!

I wanted to try a V fold pop up card......so I tried making one....and realized that this pop up version is kinda fun to do! Actually, anything that pops up from the card is fun! LOL! hehe! I love arranging the heart shapes on the V fold too.... :)


SOHO Mama said…
Beautiful as always! I berangan jugak nak buat2 kad ni..sekali sekala je utk own use..but a bit malas la I, need to find nice paper, other materials, cut here and there..I leave em to the experts like you lah :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Millie....nak buat kad2 ni memang memerlukan peralatan yg sesuai..kertas yg cantik dan ideas juga hehehe....kalau takde semua tu memang susah dan kekadang rasa kecewa juga...tools I beli sikit2 over the years..kalau beli semua sekali gus, pokai! hehehe!
Anonymous said…
yeayyyy...cant wait to c these cards!

~mama elman~
CC said…
I absolutely LOVE this one! You did a great job!!!
Warmest aloha,
hakimansor said…
cantik r card ni..
i want to buy it.
t i'll email u!
Anonymous said…
cantik la....tingin gak nk utk my anniversary nnt..tp kena ode byk2 ker?bape rege?tertarik dgn hasil tangan sis :)

email saya yea..babym2506@yahoo.com


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