You are my heartbead ;-)


This is another one of my new experiments! This time around it's with fine silver color wires and stringing it up with a mixture of colorful seed beads. I had a hard time figuring out how to go about it at first.....since I couldn't find a good tutorial video online that could teach me how to wrap the seeded wire around the I had to use my own creativity instead...LOL! Which in this case took me a few days to find a solution and a few wires that was ruined in the process! hehehehe!

I used a red foam and cut it into the shape of a heart, to be the base where the seeded wire would hang on to.....I just love using the's so flexible...I also smeared the foam with silver glitters.....just love using those these days! The sparkle makes everything look fancy! :) I tried to glue the furry wire around the foam make it look neat around the edges of the heart....glad that worked well....I was afraid that it wouldn't work but luckily it did, simply by using UHU to make it stick. :)

There are no wordings made for this card......but if you wish to have any, I can make them for you and paste it on the inside of the card as well as the outside, which ever suits your fancy! :)


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