A silver wedding dress

W005b (Limited Edition)

This is another version of the wedding dress card series....the difference is in the wedding dress itself. I chose a light soft silver doily with rose flower as it's intricate lace for the dress. Love it! :) I also did a different type of cut for the top part of the dress. A lot more simpler than the gold wedding dress.

The inside of the card, I place a white paper for writing on personal wishes. It matches the white handmade envelope too. :)


Grace to You said…
Oh, Lin, this is stunning! The cut of the gown is perfectly suited to the roses. Makes me wish I was getting married. :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Oh Sandi :) Thank you! I plan to make another one using the same doily design but has a gold color on it! Will publish it soon!
mai said…
gorgeous! =)
nona said…
cantiknyeee...tibe2 berangan nk wat kad kahwin sndri..hehe..
mcm angn2 mat jenin je saya ni...

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