White doves...


I just adore these two love birds ehehehe.....sweet little white doves facing each other...in love forever hehehe LOL! :) I'm trying out something new in my card making....which is making postcards greetings....so this design was made in the form of a postcard.....not folded. It's very simple, elegant and straight to the point. No ribbons or fancy decorations on it.....I like to keep it simple and neat.

The white doves were hand drawn and hand cut with scissors.....including the gold heart and gold rings.....I think, in this case...making the rings were the most difficult.....it's small and one slip of the finger and it will all be spoiled....so I had to be extra careful not to make a mistake....otherwise I would waste the paper... :)

I think that this card is not only suitable to be given for wedding occasions but also for couples who are getting engaged. :)


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