Lotus flower pop up card

The pop up lotus in full bloom

Top view of the pop up lotus


I was finding a pop up card design that I thought would be suitable for a Chinese New Year card and so I thought, why not do a lotus pop up.....? I searched for the simplest one I could find in the net that has a video tutorial for me to learn from. And so I found one! It was the simplest one of all!

One thing about pop up cards is that not only do you have to think of the design for the inside of the card, but you also have to think about the design you have to do on the front of the card! Double work! I just couldn't think of a good one for the lotus pop up.....and ended up doing this design that you see here......it's pretty simple....nothing outstanding about it except for the dragonfly which I thought is a cutie! hehehe! First time I am doing that too....never done a dragonfly before.....I just drew it out on paper and cut it up and pasted it on the card....decorated it with some glitters.....

The lotus flower for the front of the card was cut out by hand as well.....and I arranged it one by one on the card to form a lotus.....does it look like one guys??? hehehe hopefully it does! :D The card comes with a soft pink handmade envelope too and on the inside of the card, it has ample space below the lotus flower for you to write on personal wishes :)


cpeep said…
The outside is really pretty. Nice job.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Carol!! :) Your cards are pretty too!
Love Histories said…
i'm very support for all creative hands.. keep spirit.
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Diane....appreciate your support very much! :)

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