Falling Cherry Blossoms....


This is my first Chinese New Year card design for this year....there are a few more coming soon.. :) I really like this particular design for it's simplicity. Just a simple drawing of a few branches with cherry blossoms and having some of the blossoms fall on the ground.

For this design I am using a tall slim card, which makes it suitable for this design. In order to make it look like the blossoms fell from the tree, I would need a tall card to match the idea. This card too already has a simple wish printed on the inside of the card with 2 other layers of pink and red paper as part of the decoration. It has a matching soft pink handmade envelope too! :)


Grace to You said…
Azlina, this is lovely!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Sandi! It's simple too! :)
arwani said…
salam, cantik lakad2 lin ni..sungguh kreatif.lin guna apa yer utk buat titik2 bunga tu?timbul jer..
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Arwani....titik2 tu Lin guna metallic glitter glue :)

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