Buttons and sequins unite!

I love looking at the shine from the sequins when it hits the light! :)


I have always wanted to do this! I've seen numerous artist doing this before...so it's not really something new. But there is always something different in the way all those artist do it. All have their own interpretation of their artwork. That's what makes it special.
I've seen them arranging buttons of numerous sizes and forming them in the heart shape form......some took photos of it and print them out as cards instead of selling the actual handmade card itself...I saw the other day in an online website where this lady showed how she made the heart shape button card......and she used all sorts of shapes of buttons, some are round, some are in the form of flowers and in different colors too. It was the cutest thing! I just loved it. It was so simple.....and I wanted to do the same too but I don't have the different sizes of buttons like she does......so I thought maybe I could mix sequins with the buttons instead and see how it looks. So this is how it came about.

I only wrote there "Love You"....a simple message on the card beside the buttons and sequins....there are no wordings or pop ups inside the card. But if you wish for me to write or decorate the inside of the card for you.....it can be done...no worries. I just love keeping it simple......as the card has a soft pink paper inserted on the inside, you can always write your own personal wishes on it.....it would be more personal and meaningful to your loved one! :)


i like this card very much
~aimi syairah~ said…
purrfect... just ryt!..
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Anis and Aimi! I love it too! LOL!
I love all your cards Azlina..best is ur a perfectionist..kerja kemas je I really admire that. Hope u'll attain success and be as big as Hallmark cards one day insha Allah! :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Wow! Thank you so much Suraya! I really2 appreciate your support and admiration for my artwork....you have made me smile today!!! Yay! :)

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