Buttons and sequins unite ( version 2 )

* This card design has a pop up heart inside it. This was a request from a customer of mine for his loved one. The pop up hearts is a similar pop up that I made for my Anniversary card, but I changed the colors of the hearts to match with the colors of the buttons and sequins on the front of the card. :)

The photos above shows another sample of V012a with the wordings "Happy Birthday".
This was a request from my customer :)


This is a new version of the V012 Valentine day card I designed earlier......I wanted to make the same design with a different color because I plan to give this to my Mom hehehe......and I know how much she loves this color combination compared to the other one. This new version has a mixture of orange, gold, beige, cream, peach, soft browns, yellow and sprinkles of red and white too.....I love this combination as it somehow looks very bright and cheerful.

There is no wordings on the inside, just like the original V012......so if you would like me to add in the wordings for you, or a pop up heart shape on the inside, that can be done too..... :)


gabriela luna said…
I love your take on Valentine's hearts! This is also like a promise of Spring...
Azlina Abdul said…
You are absolutely right Gabriela..it's like a promise of spring....the heart can portray a lot of different meanings when presented this way....the colors tells all...everything that's in our hearts... :)
SOHO Mama said…
Lin..another gorgeous creation! I rasa I ni kena sit down, tgk design2 u & order a few..saja kena simpan, to send when the occasion arise!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hehehe..thanks Millie...kita punya taste sama ek? Takpe...take your time and browse through the blog to find which one you love best....will wait for your order ekekkeke..... ;)

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