Baby stroller for baby boy


I just love the sweet combination of soft green and soft turquoise. It's so sweet! This small card was made using an A6 size card stock. It has no long wordings on the inside, just a simple "CONGRATS" stamped on the soft green paper insert inside the card. It also comes with a soft green handmade envelope. Its just perfect to give together with a gift for the new proud parents of a baby boy. I plan to give this to a friend of mine who just gave birth recently to a baby boy. :)

I have always loved to try out new things and this is definitely new for me.....I had to make my own template for the baby's stroller....I made three different parts, the handle, the bottom and top part of the stroller....then paste them together. And then added the face of the baby peeking out of the stroller hehehehe! I also made the tag with the stamped "BABY BOY" wordings on it. :)


Grace to You said…
SO CUTE!! Makes me wish I was having another boy! :D This will be such a sweet addition to a baby book or scrapbook...lucky mama!
Azlina Abdul said…
Oh thank you Sandi!!! I have lots more cards that I need to post on the blog. I have been saving the dates in my blog after I had problems with the internet connection and now I need to spend time actually posting them back! Yikes! :D Anyways, thanks a bunch for the sweet comments!!

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