More troubles....sob sob.... :(

Dear all......I have an announcement to make....due to problems with my internet connection at home, I won't be able to entertain any orders of custom made cards until further notice. However I am able to entertain orders of cards that are available in this blog....Truly sorry guys..... I hope to have the problem solved as soon as I can..... :(


gabriela luna said…
Dear Azlina,
so sorry you still have problems to complete your orders.
It's been a weird time for many of us, for one thing or another.
As for my blog... it will have to wait a little longer.
So please know you're not alone,
keep the spirit and creativity up!hugs,
Azlina Abdul said… nice to hear from you again...thank you so much for keeping my spirits up! I really needed that right now...Hope that the both of us will be motivated to be creative and have nothing to stop us from pursuing our dreams! Hugs to you too!

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