Back to work....

16/10/2008.............As you all know.....I haven't been around lately to blog here due to the internet problem, as well as other issues that has been bothering me. But I have saved some of the dates on this blog for posting later on, as I have done for this post and also other posts that you'll be seeing published later on! Heheheh! :D It took the Telekom technicians almost a month to fix my phone line! From August 28th till September 23rd! So I had to spend time at the internet cafe whenever I can to check my mails etc etc etc....really hated that! But all that is over now and I can now have a more relaxed time in front of the PC, surfing, researching and working in the comfort of my own home....aaahhhh...bliss! Since it all pretty much happened a little before and during Ramadhan.....I managed to use the time I had to attend to my personal matters....things that needed taken care of rather urgently and also things that I have been meaning to do for quite some time now. All in all.....the time I had to myself were used in a good way.....and soon, you'll be seeing more of my work being published here....I am taking time publishing them one by drop by whenever possible to check them out....thank you all!! :)


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