Marine theme....

I couldn't be happier today....feelin' groovy :). This is because I finally managed to figure out how to design this marine themed birthday card for my dear customer. This card is indeed very very special....made for a very very special person too. This card design was really very challenging for me to do, especially since I started out as a card maker who only likes to make cards with flower motifs hehehe! If you look closely at the design here....most of the subjects (the anchor, compass, sea shells, starfish, sail boat and that red and white float, not sure what it is actually called hehehe) that I decorated on the card are exclusively made by hand.....all of them I had to hand drawn, hand cut and even did a little crochet work! The crochet chain is for the anchor....I needed some string for it that looks like chains, so I figured that it would be a good idea. Except for the buttons of course! I bought those and just pasted them on the card accordingly heheehe! I really love the idea of putting motifs in that I can simply place all the motifs I want and not have to worry about how to arrange them altogether on one page. Plus I love squares! :D This card comes with a soft blue handmade envelope and a soft blue paper insert on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. I really hope the person receiving this card would love this card as much as I do..... :)



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