Layers and layers of hearts....

It's been weeks since I last updated my blog.....I have been so busy making cards and keeping up with the orders plus I was also busy with the new blog I set up especially for my bead craft. Below are some few new card designs that I made recently for a new customer of mine. She loved the design I made for SGC003 (blue colour) as you can view here

It was a big order and she decided to have them in a variety of colours. So I gave it a go and came up with all these new colour combinations for SGC003. It now comes in colours of peach, yellow, beige, soft green and soft pink too. I packed them up 5 pieces in a packet with their handmade envelopes. It was quite a tough task to do this design in the amount of order requested.....I thought that it would be easy....never did I imagine the load of work that needs to be done for such a simple design. Layers and layers of heart shape paper was needed to make the main design and that itself has taken so much of my time. It indeed was a learning process for me, and I managed to come up with some ideas of how to make them at a faster speed. As you can see, some of the designs I managed to take their photos in a much better angle but some I didn't have the time to do I just snap them before posting them to my that's why you see some of them in their plastic packaging hehehehe...........sorry people.....I will upload new photos of them as soon as I can!







Anonymous said…
za said...

Lin, its been a while didnt view ur blog...btw, how r u dear? i really really lurve this combinations...SGC003f...very2 nice!
morning dew said…
all lovely cards.. nice details!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Za and Morning Dew for visiting....I am ok,been really busy with work...thank you so much for the sweet comments! :)
~ Maricel Fabi said…
Just came across to your site. Your cards are very pretty.. nice details! Great work!


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