Happy Father's Day....


Wow.....I've been so busy making beaded bookmarks lately that I have been neglecting my card making....I guess the beads really got to me hehehe.....how can it not...they are just so much fun to play with......well today I am posting this Father's Day card that I would like to share here. I guess with this project I got button crazy hehehe! Love using the the different coloured buttons to decorate the card :). I also wanted to use the new craft punch I got recently, it's a leaf motif....so cute...I've been searching for this pattern for quite sometime now and recently I bumped into it when shopping for new stuff. Inspired by the chess board and a mixture of ceramic tiles was what came to mind when searching for ideas......weird huh? Oh well! hehehe! I don't have a father to give this card to now, because my father passed away years ago.....this blue colour combination card is dedicated to him because he loved blue colours, just like me.... :)


anaNAZ said…
salam..k.lin ..canteqq!! creative!! nak tanya, bahan2x nak buat kad,k.lin beli di mana ea? tq.
Wasalam Ananaz...
Thank you so much :)

Lin beli bahan2 utk wat kad ni di merata tempat sekitar KL...di Alor Setar pun ada....please check dekat my Craft tools tab at the top of the blog to find out more about the places of where you can get your supplies :)

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