A sweet combination...

HB019 (with name)

I got this soft green paper a few weeks ago and wanted so much to make a card with it with a combination of white and pink. And the day finally came for me to do that when a customer of mine wanted a soft green and pink card! :) Her request couldn't have come at a better time.....I was eager to experiment it and see how it will turn out. I have done a combination of soft apple green and pink paper before and I loved how the colour suits each other and wanted to see if this soft green would look good too with pink and it did.....so I'm very happy with it.....I even made the handmade envelope of the same colour....to match the card.... :) sweet!

HB019 (without name)

This is the same design I made for another customer.....but the only difference is that the wordings does not include any particular name on it.....just a simple "Happy Birthday" on the card. The colour of the card looks a bit different because this one I took using the scanner instead of the digital camera :).


CC said…
I love this color combo, both in your cards & your bookmarks! But I like so many more! :) Remember that very first bookmark you gave me? With the paper, material & cut out hearts? And with the ribbon & beads just at the end? I love it so much & keep it in one of my special beady books! You are SO sweet!
Warmest aloha,
Azlina Abdul said…
Me too!!! Love this new cool soft green colour paper! Yes I do remember that bookmark I gave you...maybe I should make them and sell on my blog too heheheh! But the one I gave you will be a one of a kind design that is created just for you! :)

Love you sweetie, thanks!!!

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