My "SWEET" Heart


Oh my "SWEET" are as sweet as candy to me :).....I am very excited to show my first ever embossing project on my greeting card :) ! I got the tools and supplies last year but never really made anything for my card collection, just playing around with the tools and supplies. So now I have done it finally! Although it is nothing fancy, just simple letters stamped and embossed...but I love it just the same hehe....I know I need more practice to get the skills right so that it will look more perfect....gosh, I need more time too! hehehe! I love this wrapping paper as it has those cute little photos of heart shaped candy on's kinda of symbolic when I cut the paper in a heart show how sweet one's heart can be...and how sweet it is to be loved...

I find that It does take quite a lot of my time to do this embossing thing....but seeing the results as the embossing powder melts and surfaced on the card is quite a thrilling experience....can't explain it, you would have to do it and experience it yourself to know why I am so excited about it hehe...


CC said…
My Sweet Heart!
I see you did your first embossing! Yeah! I'm so proud of you! It gets easier & easier!
You have been a very busy girl lately! Lots of beautiful new designs! And MUSIC! My goodness!
You go, girl!
Grace to You said…
CC asked me in an e-mail today if I had seen your blog lately...I hadn't, and boy, have I been missing out! I'm blown away by the upgrades to the site and all the new design work you've been doing. And embossing!!! You're the most exciting person I know! :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you CC and Sandi! You girls have supported me in this so much! God bless you both! ;)

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