Mandarin oranges...


I got this cute idea to make a Chinese New Year card using mandarin oranges as a subject matter. Did you know........... that the mandarin oranges are the most popular and the most abundant fruit during Chinese New Year. Piles of oranges and mandarin oranges with leaves attached go on sale in the weeks before the New Year. Both oranges and mandarin oranges are round golden fruits surrounded by emerald leaves. Their shape and color symbolize the sun and connect with the yang principle, which represent the positive element and generative force in nature. Thus oranges are considered auspicious fruits and important symbols of the New Year.

The name of the fruit is gut in Cantonese, and therefore it symbolizes good fortune (dai gut). It is an important item for the household. At the New Year, a pair of mandarin oranges, together with a red envelope of money, is placed next to the pillow of every child in the family. This stands for dai gut lai see "good fortune and good business". The same items are placed on top of the chuen hop, the circular box, containing New Year's preserves and candies, as well as the family rice container, to bring good fortune for the home. Dishes of oranges are also placed in front of altars and on top of New Year's gifts for one's friends. Mandarin oranges are used as a "return" gift when one is given a New Year present. These are some infos I got about the mandarin oranges and what it symbolizes for the New Year....

So go and spread some wealth and good fortune to others with this cute card during this new year! :)


Grace to You said…
I'm so impressed with the research you do for your designs!

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