Love you girls even more....

V006 (brown)

5.2.2008 - I thought I would share with everyone here a card I made for my dear friend who lives far far away in Maine...I wanted so much to give her this card design which was pink in color but I actually ran out of pink paper but still wanted to give her this card I thought and thought about it and finally got an idea to use brown paper since brown hues are her favorite colors...and since the patterned paper has that color too, it just seemed perfect! My sister said that it looks like chocolate to her when she looked at the card...and I thought so too!! :) Looks yummy hehehe! Hope she loves it too! :)

I found this really cool stripe patterned paper sometime ago...and I finally got an idea of what to do with it last night hehehe :D....I cut it out in heart shape forms and layered it with a thicker paper before pasting it on the card....and added the wordings "Love" and "You" on each heart... :) and later surrounding them with tiny red punched out heart shapes......As I thought of how to make the design using these heart shapes, I came up with an idea of matching them with a style that I love doing which is using strips of different colored paper pasted side by side using the colors found in the heart shape patterned paper....with a red hot ribbon tied up at the top, it completes the design!

I already know who I'm giving this hot card you? :P hehehe.....This is to all the hot girls I love! :)


Grace to You said…
I can't believe all the time that must go into your cards - all the little strips of paper hand-cut - so much work! You do it beautifully.
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you so much is pretty time consuming hehehe

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