I love you...

This valentines card is similar to the one below except this one has no message or wordings at all...just a big heart in the center and some decorations all around...with a matching beige handmade envelope with a golden heart at the back...


"You know I love you..." :) I love you all, everyone who is dear to me, supported me, my shoulder to cry on and who's been there for me all these years... For me, I don't celebrate Valentines Day...but I do believe that I should let the ones I love and hold close to my heart know how much I love them and cherish them in my life through this simple way of giving... with a simple message, simple thoughts that comes straight from the heart...that's important for me...wish them, let them know how much you love them anytime of the year....not just on that day....but on any day of the year... :)

I adore these simple cards very much for their color and simplicity....such a simple message to be given to the one you love and melt their heart away :).


Grace to You said…
I LOVE this card - so simple and elegant - perfect!!
Anonymous said…
za said...:)

Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you all!! Appreciate it! ;)

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