Plum blossoms

This yellow CNY card of red plum blossoms with a pinkish edge to it.....a real contrast to the yellow background of the card...with a matching red handmade envelope that has a red blossom at the back of it! :)

A striking red card with a soft pink matching handmade envelope added with a blossom at the back of the envelope...


Don't you just love those plum blossoms?? So pretty when they blossom on the tree...I just love looking at them. My attempt to make Chinese New Year cards this year starts with this plum blossom motif. I love making cards with flower motifs and this one gives me great pleasure to design and produce. Each flower on these cards are hand cut using just plain scissors and layered with another paper beneath it and cut again for the second time. Only the flower buds are cut out using a paper puncher.

I made simple wordings for the cards on the outside and blank on the inside...I really enjoyed making these blossoms... :) . So much fun!

These are some facts I got from the net about the plum blossoms :). Did you know.........that it is customary for Chinese to decorate their homes with blossoms during Chinese New Year? For without flowers there will be no formation of fruit. The southern Chinese have a tradition of displaying a blossoming of peach tree or plum tree at home during the Chinese New Year, and immigrants have continued this custom. In Hong Kong and Canton, thousands upon thousands of peach and plum trees are sold in the annual New Year Flower Fair , and the Chinese buy these trees just as others would buy pine trees or fir trees to celebrate Christmas. The Chinese believe that blossoming flowers will bring prosperity (huakai fugui) therefore considerable care is taken in choosing these trees, so that many of the buds will bloom on New Year's Day. :)


Aishah said…
Love the cherry blossoms on this card! Very nice! :)

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