Little gift packages


Little gift packages on a perfumed card :). Very simple design but very cute too hehehe... I really enjoyed making those little gift packages. I made this card for a client of mine as a birthday card...she also requested for the wordings and I placed them on the inside of the card.

This design can be used for birthdays, for holiday greetings, or for thank you wishes as well...the colors and paper can be different though to suit the occasion. What makes this card extra special is because of the paper used to make the base of the card has a special kind of perfume on it....not that strong though..a light floral smell on it. :) So for those out there who's looking for something different....this might be the one for you!


Grace to You said…
I love this card!! Great design idea, Azlina! :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Sandi! :) I wouldn't mind making more of this in future. Different types of gift packages with new pattern designs on them. It would be fun! :)

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