Ketupat nasi card :)


I must say....weaving the "ketupat nasi" was fun! No rice was included in this particular design hehehe... :D . For those who do not know what nasi means.... "Nasi" means rice or to be more specific, it's cooked rice.... :) . So a ketupat means....rice dumplings......I do love eating ketupat nasi with the spicy sauce but prefer the "ketupat palas" even better. The ketupat palas is glutinous rice dumplings and has a different shape compared to the rice dumplings. Eating it with the beef rendang or chicken rendang is yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!! :) This folded card comes with a dark green handmade envelope. The card is blank on the inside, left for personal wishes to be written for loved ones on this special day.


Ying Pang, said…
well done Lin ! You can visit my blog and we can share ideas too :-)
Thank you Ying Pang! Appreciate it very much! Your blog is great! :)

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