Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rosette with Songket motifs


I made this card especially for a client of mine. I decorated the card with lots and lots of dots of different colours. I even put some beads on it too! The rosette idea came about when a great friend of mine, CC, who gave me big laces to make rosettes...I couldn't use them for my card making because they were too big...so I thought, why not use some of my smaller laces to make the rosettes?! Yippee! Now I found another way of using my laces! Thanks CC! :)

You can see that the background of the card was decorated with a design I made using those tiny dots and punched out flowers and ribbons too. Actually if you look closely the top and bottom part of the design is made using a songket motif. ...which is the Bunga Tabur. But I fused it a bit and made it my own. :)
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CC said...

Oh, look at you! I really like that you could use the idea, & I see you've added buttons & beads too! I'm so proud of you!
You go, girl!

Noor Azlina said...

It's all because of you sweetie! Got inspired so many times by your ideas. I couldn't thank you enough! :) Love ya!

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