Sewing beads and sequins


Bead card with a matching purple envelope


Alright :) ...finally! I managed to do it! Again playing with flower motifs...can't help them so much! Those small and tiny flower sequins are just so cute! I just had to use them for my cards! Ever since my good friend from Hawaii ( Sweetie CC ), introduced me about the world of beads...I've been buying and collecting them little by some collection of them now...and I'm looking at them in a new light as well :)

I wanted to design something sweet and simple...simple and fast enough for me to make them. I decided to sew them on a piece of card that's hard enough to stand the needle poking through it...I've done cards with sequins before and glued them on the card, which was a lot easier....but this time I wanted so much to use the beads..therefore I had to sew them! I'd love to experiment more on this technique as it's a bit different than what I'm so used to doing before... and I'm so in love with beads and sequins more cards with those will be coming out in the future! :D


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