The Golden flower...


This is another oldie but goodie design I made last year. The gold flower was a fun experiment I did with corrugated paper...each petal cut individually and painted gold...even the stem is dotted with gold colour to match it. It comes with a beige handmade envelope and has a beige paper insert on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. The card is suitable for any occasion and is left blank on the inside.
It's a clean cut neat design I would say. Love it very much :)


Grace to You said…
I love it very much too, and am thrilled to have one of my own. :)
Noor Azlina said…
It's was my pleasure to trade cards with you Sandi.. :) I love your card very much too! And I still get excited looking at it every time. Aren't we lucky? :) Thanks drop by here again whenever you have time. Love ya!

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