Brownie owl :)


I made this card for a client...this was my first attempt to do owls instead of flowers most of the time. It has a set of eyes that can move when you shake the it when they shake :). I decorated around the owl with strips of multi -coloured brown paper. This was a fun card to make and I love the brown colour papers that lines the card to form a pattern. :) It is extremely difficult to execute the design.....with so many strips of multi coloured paper to line up one by one....but the results really satisfied me. I am happy with how it turned out. This card came with a handmade cream coloured envelope.


CC said…
Lin! I love your owl!!! It's my Italian family's totem! I also saw a needlecase with an owl like that! I'll have to find the pic & send it to you this weekend!
Isn't it fun to move out of our comfort zone once in awhile? :D
Ciao, bella!
Anonymous said…
Hie Azlina.

Tania here! My boss MR. OW love his bday cards... especialy the eye!! Thanks ya

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