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I received an order from a customer to make a birthday card for a teacher. And she requested the card to be made with combination from a couple of my previous designs. For the front design, she wanted a design that is similar to the design I made at the link HERE where I made some origami shirts.

For the inside of the card she wanted the pop up cake from the card I made in this design HERE , but instead of making 27 candles, I was asked to make only 25 of them since the person receiving this card will be 25 years old soon.

I took so much time making this card. Reason.......because the pattern paper I needed was out of stock. So I had to find a replacement for it that matches the blue color of the card. Luckily I found this particular pattern paper and it's the only one I have! No more available....huhu. I made the shirts dark red in color instead of dark blue and it's also because I ran out of the dark blue paper. So again I had to improvise. As long as the colors matches the pattern paper. Everything on the card and inside it has to match the pattern paper.

One thing I'm loving right now is that I printed or shall I say I stamped on the shirts, a pattern that matched the swirling dots pattern on the pattern paper. I didn't stamped the whole area....just at the bottom of the shirt to give it character. I also did the same for the envelope so that it would match the card. In the previous card design there was a lot of heart shapes but she didn't want any in this one so I had to find other patterns to replace the hearts and the stamping was the one that saved the day. :)

The gifts and the balloons inside the card was a request from the customer. She wanted me to add those inside. At first I thought it was not possible because the pop up cake itself was already big, afraid there might not be enough space. Luckily they all fit! :D


Dr Sonia S V said...

Lovely Shirts and your pop up is also superb
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon , Bangalore , Inida

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much Dr Sonia! :)

James Lawrence said...

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Suzane Clinton said...

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