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Stitching on cards

It's been a while since I last blogged here and honestly I really miss it so much. I haven't been in the best of health lately, physically challenged and quite frankly it's draining me. Music and craft have been the things that entertained me and kept me positive all the while. Of course above all is having faith in the Almighty  that all the pain is just temporary and I will see that beautiful rainbow again. Nothing is permanent, so that's how I try to keep positive always. Learn to manage the problem and all will be well.
Those who have been following me here over the years would know how I much I love sewing on paper and how I love to use them as part of the decorations on my handmade cards. Creating simple lines with colourful embroidery threads and adding beads and sequins to them too. Well, this time around I wanted to do more.
I was inspired to do more when I stumbled upon this very creative lady named Jennifer McGuire on YouTube. She is also a crafter, and she …

How to make a Teardrop Swirl Quilling flower tutorial

Hello again! I'm so delighted to share with everyone here about this quilling flower tutorial that I uploaded on my YouTube channel yesterday. Those who subscribes to my YouTube channel probably have already watched the tutorial. If not, please head straight to the video now at the link HERE to find out how you can make this Teardrop Swirl quilling flower.

As always, I decided to share the tutorial because there was so many requests for it. I get most of the requests from my followers on Instagram. They have seen photos of the Teardrop Swirl quilling flowers that I shared there early this year. At the time I was still experimenting on the shape and method of making it so that the shape will always turn out the same each time I make it. Now that I am happy with the method, I could share how to make it with everyone :).
For this quilling flower, I still use the same tool to make it, which is the flea comb. Same with the Triangle Twist flower, I still comb 3 different coloured quill…

How to make a Triangle Twist quilling flower

I'm so happy to post about my first quilling tutorial in 2019! Yay! Been so long since I made a post here or even made a quilling tutorial. Took a long break from work since October last year because I was not well. To be honest, I'm still not well now but I'm slowly healing and I wanted to make this video for all those who are fans of quilling and are a fan of making quilling vortex shapes. A lot of my followers on Instagram have been requesting as well for me to make this video for them. They have been waiting so long for this.
It may seem like I took my own sweet time to make it but that's only because I needed some time to make more experiments on it to make sure the flower looks identical every time I make it. I wanted it to be perfect so to speak because before this, I myself had a hard time making sure it looks the same every time I make it. So I couldn't make the video if I was not happy with it myself right?? Thank God that finally with a lot of patience,…