Combining French knitting and quilling on a card #2


Hello again everyone! Looks like I've been making this knitted quilling heart card again this month. In fact I made quite a few of them for some old friends on their birthday and some extra for stock. I really enjoyed making this design because I get to play with vortex coils again and of course not forgetting the knitting!! Obsessed with knitting nowadays haha!

The reason why I'm blogging about this one is because, I've made some changes to the design especially the colours of the knitted quilling heart and also the pop up hearts. I decided to make it look more bright and cheerful to match the colours of the pop up hearts.

The knitted heart now has flourescent pink and red Lily yarn combined together. The previous one has soft pink and red Lily yarn. 

I remembered having this really cute bling bling heart stickers and I couldn't resist not sticking them on the pop up hearts. I also added those punch out hearts to add more different sizes of hearts and crowd it up a bit. The more the merrier they say. :D

I didn't put those dialogue boxes anymore with wordings in them, instead I added a Happy Birthday sticker on the knitted quilling heart. It really matches and I really love this one a lot compared to the one I made previously. It's just so cheerful to look at. Have a look at the video of the card below and you'll see what I mean. Thanks! :)


CC said…
It's beautiful! I love it! ♥♥♥
Mia said…
Wow! What a stunning card! It is absolutely perfect. Kisses, my friend.
Thank you so much! ;) I knew you would love it!
Momo said…
WOO-HOOOW ... Your work is so beautiful.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it ;)

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