Welcoming a new born baby boy


I got a request to make a new baby card for a new born baby boy and I was excited to try using those 3D pop up stickers that I bought last year.  I remember using something similar on a new baby girl card I did before. You can view that card at the link HERE. When I did that new baby girl swing card last year, I wanted to do a baby boy version of it too but never got around to doing it till now.

The design for both cards are more or like the same except for the colours and some minor details. I wanted the baby boy card to have the same polka dot pattern paper but since I didn't have one on hand, I decided to create my own using some teeny tiny dots made from a craft punch. I just love doing that on my handmade cards. I've done it so many times before. It's a good way to fill up an empty space and make it look more exciting and interesting.

I actually like to sew on felt but as usual I'm just too busy with other projects to do so. But for this card I do get to sew a bit on felt, just the eyelids and it was challenging especially since I don't have enough practice to make it look perfect. I couldn't think of any other way to make the eyelids except for sewing it. Drawing it using a pen is messy and is not pretty at all. So sewing is the way to go! :)

Since I was really rushing when I made the card, I never even get the chance to take a video of it. My digital camera conveniently ran out of battery at the time I wanted to do the video too! Just my luck! But I'll make another one of this card just for the video one day. Because it's a swing card and I like to show how it looks when it swings! ;)


CaDLyNN said…
kaklin..so cute la..

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