Big brown quilling teddy bears

These quilling teddy bears were created in October this year when I was high on making my quilling teddy bear tutorial. After making those small colourful quilling teddy bears, I just had to try to redo my old big brown quilling teddy bears that I created years ago. 

The old design was special in its own way and I only made minor changes to it to give it a new life. I must say I adore the new one more as it has some nice facial makeover haha! 

I pasted these big brown quilling teddy bears on a gold die-cut card stock as they are flying to USA to see my good friend there. I didn't want the quilling teddy bears to get spoiled in the flight so I thought this is a good way to get them there in good condition. Plus, my friend can easily use them as decorations on her handmade cards etc if she wishes. She has never done quilling before and I was afraid that she might not know how to handle these quilling pieces. So by gluing them for her on the die-cuts, it would be easy for her to handle them :).

She loves gold and brown colours a lot! Most of her cards are made in those colour combinations. I've received many of her cards made in those colours and I really adore them a lot. Whenever I make cards in those colours, I would always think of her :). I really hope they arrive there safely and make her happy! :)


Anonymous said…
They are adorable!
Thank you so much Honey Quilling! :)

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