Rainbow coloured handmade slotted quilling tools

I made these rainbow coloured quilling tools about a week ago and I just love how they turned out! The tools were of course handmade by yours truly. I'm really happy with the latest look of my handmade slotted quilling tools. They are so cheerful and bright. I think I am now better at making them compared to the first try. There is always room for improvement. :)

I hand coloured all the rainbow coloured quilling tools instead of using pattern paper like I did for the black gold quilling tools. Although this rainbow quilling tool takes a little bit more time to make, I really enjoyed it. It was a good experiment. I'm glad it worked out.

After making these rainbow quilling tools I began to experiment more with other designs and it's just endless. There is just so many types of designs that I can insert in the quilling tool. But I guess for now I have to limit the designs to just making them for personal use because it's not as easy to mass produce them. I can only do a few of them a day. I'm not a machine. My hands do hurt in the process of making them.

For now, simple designs is all I'm concentrating on. Nothing overly fancy. Ever since I've been making these quilling tools, I hardly have the time to make handmade cards. It's so frustrating not being able to multitask as much as I want to. Hopefully I can make some cards soon. Or books! Gosh, I miss making the books the most!!

Do check out the video I made about the rainbow coloured quilling tools below and my new white glue bottle that I have added in my new quilling kit. Thank you!!


CC said…
That was great to see, Lin! I love the new rainbow quill tool and the new glue bottle! It looks so fun! I'm so very proud of you! You are doing great! ♥
Hi CC!
Thank you so much! It's really a lot of fun! Hope you will try it too soon! <3 Love you!!

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