Hand-carved rubber stamps

I remembered, way back in 2009, a good friend of mine gave me a set of carving tools for me to use to make my own rubber stamps. I did gave it try on an old and new rubber and gave them a new life. I posted some photos of them back then at my personal blog. You can view the posts at the link HERE and HERE. I did made more after that but I stopped carving rubbers until just recently. Somehow, the mood to carve came and I just couldn't stop! I can't believe that I've been keeping the carving tools and rubbers for the past 6 years!! OMG!! I felt so bad for neglecting them :(.

I guess the thing that triggered me to make my own handmade rubber stamps now is my need for simple stamp designs for my own handmade cards. I really need something simple but I can't find them at the craft store. Another reason is of course the price. I think it's better for me to try making them myself since the designs that I wanted are quite easy to do. 

I just start with something easy and who know perhaps in future I will be able to make complicated ones. I have doubts about that since I have shaky hands. It's not easy to carve when your hands are shaking. It's a real challenge.

I love making stamps like the ones I made above. Simply because they are the easiest type to make! Playing with the positive and negative space in a design is fun! And when carving a rubber stamp using a design that has a lot of negative space is much easier compared to the ones with a lot of positive space. And I love carving out the positive space and just holding them on my fingers as they are just so cute!!

The ones below are the type of designs that has a positive image. They are a bit difficult to carve out. Really tested my patience but it was a good experience nonetheless. I just need to focus more and be gentle when carving them.

Of course this won't be the last time I carve rubber stamps. There will be more to come in future in shaa Allah. As long as there is a need, then there will be time for me to make them. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey..... :).


Grace to You said…
Wow, Lin, I'm so impressed! Most people don't start out carving words - they're really hard. You did a marvelous job!!

KT Fit Kitty said…
Awesome job with your own handmade stamps! What a cool idea!
Fiqa Nsz said…
nice one! i wish i have one too (the carving tools) :P
ummi aiza said…
Cantiknya! Tak pernah terfikir pon nak buat rubber stamp sendiri. Ok sekarang saya dah geledah pencil case anak kot2 ada lebihan pemadam :)
Thank you so much everyone! Love to all :).
ganesh balasti said…
Really Amazing Work I love this whatsapp status
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
wow...nice kak lin....u can say ur hands a are shaking...as i will alway know...ur hand are very good at any craft...

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