Winner of 2014 Year End Blog Giveaway!!!

I'm so happy to announce today the name of the winner of my 2014 Year End Blog Giveaway! Finally the day has come to make this announcement. Sorry it took me sometime to make this announcement. I had to check each entries to make sure they all followed the rules correctly :).

OK! So the lucky winner this time around is Miss Jean Carmel Fernandez!!! Congratulations!!!! You are the lucky winner!!! Do send me your details so that I can post to you the craft goodies. :)

Thank you so much to those who participated in my blog giveaway last year. I truly appreciate you sharing the giveaway with your friends and family and patiently entering each time. I wish I can give gifts to everyone but that's not possible unless I'm a millionaire hahahahahaha.....but I will try to give more this year. 

I have plans on doing giveaways probably each month if possible. I do like to make people happy by giving away craft goodies. Even though I don't have much to give, but still I would like to give whatever I can and share the happiness around. It doesn't take that much to make people happy :).

So, do stick around and watch out for more the "little giveaways" that will be coming your way soon! 

Lots of love,


KT Fit Kitty said…
Congratulations, winner!
nana liena said…
congrats...! next GA/segmen please inform me ya kak.. hehehe..
Shylaa Shree said…
Congrats jean, you are very lucky
Erik Coonor said…
Congrats to the best greeting card winner Mr.Jean. You are awesome greeting card creator and I appreciate your creativity.
Syaza Syafeeqah said…
congrats to the winner! ;)
yang baik Ishak said…
Congratulations to the lucky winner!!

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