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How to make two tone tear drop shape quilling flowers

We are coming close to mid February and I'm blogging about something that I did last January! LOL! It's been a month since I last blogged here. And soon enough, after this I'll be blogging a lot more on what I did last January because January was so packed with crafting activities. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to blog about them then.
Last year I made quite a lot of this two tone tear drop shape quilling flower for my customers. I made quite a lot of cute thank you cards for them and decorated them with this flower. I even made a birthday card with this type of flower. Since so may requested for a tutorial for this flower, I tried to make one for them. I don't always get some free time to do it, but when I do, I try to make a few if possible.
I do hope many enjoyed the tutorial I uploaded on YouTube.....and tried to make this flower your own. For those who didn't manage to check it out earlier at my YouTube channel, you can check it out at the v…

2014 Blog Giveaway #1

Gosh...it's been a long time since I did a blog giveaway here....I kinda forgotten the procedure ahahaha.....but it's fun to be able to do it again for the first time this year.

Actually I wanted to giveaway some of my slotted quilling tools because I wanted to share my joy, my own creation of slotted quilling tools with others especially for my followers here. But of course, I couldn't giveaway just that, I wanted to giveaway other things as well for crafting. So I gathered some quilling paper, white glue, craft punch, ink pad, rubber stamps, craft scissors, scallop diecut paper and some card stock. I hope you guys like it! :)

I'll be holding this giveaway for 2 months starting today. And here is how you can join the giveaway. Just follow the instructions below:

Rules of the giveaway:
1. Everyone is eligible to enter this giveaway. I accept both local and international entries. But each person can only enter their name once.
2. You must promote this giveaway post at your site, either at blog or at your Facebook profile. Please make sure that you paste the photo and the link of this giveaway post at your site so that others can click and view the giveaway post here.
3. Copy the link of where you promoted this giveaway post and paste it at Mr Linky below so that I can check and view where you promoted my giveaway. Do write your real name at Mr Linky too.
4. Please click "LIKE" at my Facebook Page at the link HERE and do FOLLOW my blog here too.

So that's it! That's all you have to do to enter this giveaway. Very simple :).

This giveaway starts today and will end at 12.00AM on 13th of July 2014. The name of the winner will be announced a few days after that. Good luck everyone! Thank you so much for participating! ;)


What an awesome package!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Fawzia Khatib said…
Asalaamualikum, looking forward to this giveaway...inshAllah i hope i win...
Unknown said…
KAK LIN!! i want all of them pleeaaasssseeeee.. ^_^
Nands Raj said…
such a lovely give away
KT Fit Kitty said…
Thank you for the giveaway! Everything looks awesome - I would LOVE to try paper quilling! I added your photo and link to my sidebar - right-hand side, scroll down, in date order. Sorry I don't do facebook so I hope I can still be in the giveaway. Wishing you a joyful day!
sayalah! said…
Done with the procedures, Kak Lin ^___^
shruti goel said…
Hi azlina .....its a mindblowing giveaway speciallly ur tools ....thnku for dis wonderful chance ...i have done all the steps ....:))
shruti goel said…
Hi azlina .....its a mindblowing giveaway speciallly ur tools ....thnku for dis wonderful chance ...i have done all the steps ....:))
sathya said…
Welcome back! Awesome giveaway...
Anjali Reddy said…
I Love those quilling tools and I wish I could win this giveaway..Thanks Azlina for this generous giveaway..
Siri Crafts said…
Have seen Your Blog today only..i liked the tutorials felt as if i missed this wonderful Blog all these days..Thank God i got a good blog to guide me in different crafts aspects :) <3
Hoo Leeying said…
I hope ,I can win this May 2014,Blog Giveaway,becouse I can improve more Quilling card style..
Been waiting for a quilling giveaway
i loveddd every thing that you have shared as a part of this giveaway... crafting is all about touching other people's lives with your creations... and you are doing a great job there..:) would love to win this fabulous giveaway and be a part of your amazing craft world..:)
i loveddd every thing that you have shared as a part of your giveaway... they say crafting is all about touching other people's lives and you are doing just great there..;) i woullddd love to win this giveaway and be a part of your amazinggg crafts world..:)
Berina RGA said…
thanks for the giveaway!!! very generous!!
Moxie Craftie
Yu Yun said…
nak try..harap² luck saya..:)
Shylaa Shree said…
it is a special giveaway noor, i think i may not get this time, but would love to participate in your giveaway always.
:: Dhiya :: said…
Salam Kak Lin,
I've joined and hope to be selected!

Thanks alot :)
sanya kumar said…
Thanks a lot for this wonderful giveaway. These amazing tools can help anybody explore there creative side...

cheers!! ^_^
Ankita Hemani said…
thanks a lot for this special giveaway... would b happy to b selected n explore d craft world wid ur tools :))
Im in love with these stuff...Thanks lot for this giveaway ♥
Suman Pandit said…
Awesome pack...thank you for the givaway !!
nor nazliana said…
nice to meet u i'm join
shahida rahim said…
really like crafting stuffs :)
sabahat said…
Great Giveaway. hope i get these all.
Farah Assheqen said…
such a creative giveaway,
thanks to you for this unique giveaway, hope i can win ^^

I have always loved ur tutorials. i hope i win :)

here is the link to my FB page ...i shared ur post :)

Anonymous said…
Hye there, join ur GA and follow..
I just post your great giveaway at my facebook profile.
Do feel free to check out.
Thank you


Priyakumar said…
done all steps.. you have so many beautiful quilled creations. I love your blog now. Thanks for the chance,
imana said…
NAR's said…
Assalamualaikum. Joined. It's really wonderful :)

Aayushi Sharma said…
This is so lovely that i cnt take my eyes off.. my exams are going and i am so in to. !!

I just wish I win and i did share it on facebook too (www.facebook.com/aayushi17)
I so love it !

god bless you !
Alhamdulillah,I just participated in your giveaway. Thank you Kak Lin. I hope I can win. Jazakallahu khairan ^^
mohd fitri said…
Done follow and join :)

Salam Kak Lin,
I've joined and hope to be selected!

Thanks alot :)
Nurul Syifa said…
Thanks for the GA!
i love crafting but dont have much time to spend with it..but i have much time to study the theory only..
i wish i could have some tools to start this creative art work..

ive also joined this giveaway..
your blog is good for me,an amatuer..huhu
Your cards are really beautiful, Lin. Keep up the good work! Cynthia
thanks so much for the opportunity! I have done everything required for eligibility! new follower!
sue k said…
Fantastic giveaway, thank you for giving us a chance to win it. I have done every thing you asked and am a new email follower.

tq..Saya dah join..terima kasih
chaami said…
Awesome package.thank you for the giveaway! I wish I were the winner!!
Marge Goh said…
All the best to all...Happy crafting, cheers.
I'm joining for the fun of joining.
Eithne said…
Wow! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance, and I LOVE your work. So delighted to have come upon your blog :) xx
najla mohayidin said…
hai kak linnnn...!!! Najla join GA ni taaauuuu..


Dah paste kat linky dah. Najla mohayidin.

muah muah
Mallory said…
This is a great giveaway! Your work is inspiring!
Done all steps... i wanna win it....
i love your blog....

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