My first Kettle Stitch hand-bound book!


This is my first creation for this year....and I'm super excited about it firstly because this is my first order of hand-bound book and it's from a customer all the way from USA ;). Secondly it's because it's my first try at Kettle Stitch binding. I didn't know how to do it at first so I experimented and to my surprise it worked! I couldn't find a tutorial online for this, so I just observed a lot of photos of Kettle stitch hand-bound books by other book binders via online and tried to figure out how the bow pattern or some call it the butterfly pattern is formed.

Perhaps if there are book binders out there who are experts on this Kettle Stitch binding can correct me if they see there's something wrong with the way I bind the book. But so far, I don't have problems with the book at seems to be able to open up pretty well and are bound together nicely too. However I do appreciate constructive comments and criticism as I'm still a beginner in book binding :).

At first my customer ordered this -> Japanese hand-bound book from me but I had to make a decision to change the method of binding the book because of the type of paper used for making the book is a bit too thick for Japanese binding. She wanted a book for sketching and drawing so I used an acid free paper that is pretty heavy, about 165gsm for the pages. There's only 50 ++ pages for this book. Another reason why I changed the binding method is because the Kettle Stitch binding is perfect for people who want to use the book for sketching and drawing....coz the book can be opened flat like the photo you see above unlike the Japanese binding which is a bit difficult to do so especially if the paper is a heavy one or thick.

I made it very simple for her since that is the way she likes it especially since the pattern paper itself is already very pretty. It's the same Japanese pattern paper that I got from WholePort. I love it a lot too. :). The bookmark for the book is crocheted and beaded to suit the book. I also love the string or thread used for sewing/binding the book with. It's so easy to use and love the shiny effect of the material.

I am pretty happy with this new binding I mean hehehehe....although I'm still learning, I do appreciate the support I'm getting from my customers, readers and followers. You guys are the best! I get motivated to try something new not only because I believe I can....but also because you believe in me too! And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart ;).


wahhh...cantik!!! seronoknya kalau sy pandai buat scrap book cenggini..:)
msredcheesecake said…
look very nice... i love red... cny? hheee
This is awesome dear!!! the binding is superb and so very neatly done!! love the book..:)
Nicole said…
That's a very good start of the year. It looks fantastic, congrats!
Grace to You said…
Lin, this book is just exquisite! Can you post ordering details?

Thank you so much everyone for all your lovely comments! You all really made my day! ;)

Sandi....I'll email you on the ordering details soon! ;) Thank you dear! ;)
honeylily said…
this is so lovely...
Kemasnya kak lin jahit :)
Shylaa Shree said…
it is so beautiful lin, would love to learn this art
Lene said…
Absolutely gorgeous elegant book. beautiful color.
CC said…
Lin! This is beautiful! When you said you were going to do some book binding, I thought you'd start with something simple! But this is fantastic! You are doing such incredible work! I'm so proud of you and happy for you!
Love you!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
As usual, you always made cute kak lin....the bow is cute too....nice color...and u always as creative as u r...can imagine the hardwork to sew that thick paper.....

Pss...u always made me adore u....and ur art work too...

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