Cutting words out of die-cut alphabets


It all started a few days ago when I was playing and experimenting with the die-cut alphabets that made me thought of using them to cut out wordings on card stocks. In the beginning I was not too keen on doing it because it would be mean that I would have to separate the die-cut alphabets into individual pieces. I hated doing that because I loved looking at them all joined together. I'm weird no? haha!

But for the love of experiments, I did what I had to do...huhuhu! But I'm glad now that I did that because otherwise I wouldn't be able to try out this technique. Check out the photo above where I did the wordings "thank you" using the die-cut alphabets. I love the fact that I can arrange them any way I like on the card. At first I arranged them in a straight line before cutting them with the die-cut machine.......but after a while I got bored and arranged them randomly like the one I did for the swing card below.

For the wordings on the note size card you see above, I used a scrap pattern paper to layer behind the cut out alphabets, but for the swing card below, I used a shiny transparent fabric and white paper to layer behind the cut out alphabets. So cutting out the alphabets on card stocks are fun because it reminds me of what I did before with my bookmarks. You can view a sample of what I did with my bookmarks at the links HERE and HERE. It's similar in concept but different in technique because the one I did for my bookmarks were cut out by hand using a craft knife. That was a lot harder to do compared to using die-cut alphabets.


I think by far, this is the simplest swing card design I've ever made. The only thing that is difficult to do for me is the blending of the distress ink on each corner of the card because I'm still learning how to control the blending tool. Sometimes it works really well, sometimes it doesn't but I can't blame it on the blending tool, I must blame myself because I'm not getting enough practice. Must practice more. ;)


Suman Pandit said…
lovely card, I liked the coloring and the embellishment!!

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