Teary loops flower tutorial

I made these teary loops flowers recently but didn't have the time to make a tutorial of it at the time. Finally I had some time off today to make one and share with everyone. It's a very simple quilled flower made using a hair comb and some colourful quilling paper.

You can view the tutorial at the video below. Hope it is easy for everyone to understand and follow. Thanks for taking the time to watch and happy quilling everyone! ;)


MargeGoh said…
Great tutorial Lin. Thanks for sharing.
kunda said…
wow!!! lovely colour combos...
n very neatly done...simply awesome:)
I really like this flower, I've made these, but the petal is facing at the other end where the point is sticking out waard, nice video !!!!!
Sonia said…
Stunning flowers my dear Lin:)
Thanks for This useful tutorial:)
Happy weekend,
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
thanks kak lin for the tutorial...
sandhya said…
hi lin
is this quilling paper 3mm or another mm
Sheila said…
They are so beautiful I have thought many times about trying the flowers thank you for the video

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