Purple and pink Malaysian flower


Been a while since I last posted anything new here......been so busy with work and juggling with my crazy health issues......it's been a very challenging ride.

Anyways......here is something I did recently for a customer of mine.......he requested for an arrangement of Malaysian flowers to be made on a photo frame......and insisted that the flowers be in a combination of pink and purple. I've never done Malaysian flowers in two tones before.....so I guess this was a first for me. It was interesting......and challenging as well since I had to experiment on the different types of pink and purple that would actually look bright and cheerful for the frame.....and after some experimenting, I finally found the colours that would please my eyes hehehe. I hope it pleases your eyes as well........ ;)


Kavitha Vadhri said…
so beautiful,it sure pleases everyone's eyes :), wish you a speedy recovery.take care

kavitha vadhri
Pooja said…
Wow ! These flowers look gorgeous and the color combination looks pretty !
Baukje said…
Superb I love the flowers and I love your work!
Greetings Baukje
Sonia said…
Fabulous creation dear Lin:) Gorgeous flowers:)
Big hug,
Mama Zharfan said…
as awesome as usual..can't wait to get mine :) :)
Nelly said…
Those are beautiful..
Cheida_Mymee said…
cantik sangat.. kalau oder mcm ni brapa ambil selalu
Cheida_Mymee...please email me for inquiries on price :) tqqqq

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