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How to make two tone tear drop shape quilling flowers

We are coming close to mid February and I'm blogging about something that I did last January! LOL! It's been a month since I last blogged here. And soon enough, after this I'll be blogging a lot more on what I did last January because January was so packed with crafting activities. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to blog about them then.
Last year I made quite a lot of this two tone tear drop shape quilling flower for my customers. I made quite a lot of cute thank you cards for them and decorated them with this flower. I even made a birthday card with this type of flower. Since so may requested for a tutorial for this flower, I tried to make one for them. I don't always get some free time to do it, but when I do, I try to make a few if possible.
I do hope many enjoyed the tutorial I uploaded on YouTube.....and tried to make this flower your own. For those who didn't manage to check it out earlier at my YouTube channel, you can check it out at the v…

Be Yourself Lin!

It's my birthday today! Yup! Feeling a little old on the outside but on the inside I'm still the little girl from Alor Setar who is jumping up with joy because I get to celebrate my birthday today! Yay! Alhamdulillah....praise to Allah....for giving me another year to enjoy life on earth with my loved ones.
Another reason why I'm jumping up with joy is because I received this wonderful birthday card from my dear friend Sandi Staley all the way from USA. She made this card herself. I'm so happy! I didn't expect it at all. I love surprises!
The reason why I decided to feature this card today is because of the wordings on the card itself. It's so special, so uplifting and it really made my day. The design is so simple, love the blue and black combination.....especially the blue since it's my favourite the design of the stamp inside the card so much.....Sandi is very good at making her card designs look simple yet very attractive at the same ti…

Alphabets in photo frames

QF002 (With alphabets)
Look familiar? Yes, it's an old design but with a new twist to it :). There is a slight addition to it as per request from my dear customer. Yes, I've added some foam alphabets and a multicoloured quilled heart to it. Actually,  I was supposed to make quilled alphabets. But unfortunately I'm still not good at making them huhuhuu... :(. I've tried a few times but failed because the alphabets that I tried to make were a bit too small. Perhaps if it was a little bigger in size, I would be able to do it. I'm still not good at it yet >.<. Must practice more!
I had no problem remaking the quilled flower arrangements on the photo frame except for the quilled alphabets. Thank God I had those foam alphabets at hand. They really saved the day! hehehe! Lucky for me, my customer didn't mind it at all when I wanted to use them for the frames. She is so sweet!! ;) This is the first time I'm using the foam alphabets. I bought them some time ag…

Pop up roses card

I got a request from my dear little sis to make a birthday card for her hubby. Although her hubby's birthday has already passed but she insisted that I make a birthday card for her dearest because she is still in confinement ( she just delivered a baby boy a few weeks ago)....and couldn't go out to get something that would be suitable for him. So I just couldn't say no to this one. Luckily I was given full freedom to design it anyway I like it except that she did made a little request and that was that the card has to be all white in colour because her hubby loves that colour so much and must have a bouquet of roses inside it.  Luckily I was allowed to add some silver to it as it is one of her favourite colour as well other than white. Hmmm looks like both wife and hubby has the same favourite colour...white! I love white too :).
I've never made pop up roses before so I didn't know how at first to make them. I'm not that good at drawing the flowers either…

September 2012 Blog Giveaway

Hello! Hello! How is everyone today? Hope that this post will bring you much joy on this blessed day. :)
It is now time for giveaway number 9! Yes, already the 9th month...the 9th time I'm giving away prizes for my lovely readers ;). As you can see, this time around I'm giving away another set of self cling rubber stamps plus an ink pad and it's stamp block to stamp with. Hope you love can make so many kinds of projects with it! All up to your imagination ;).
I really hope you would read carefully the rules for this giveaway and follow them so that you won't get left out from winning this giveaway. The rules are very easy to follow and are listed below:

Everyone with a BLOG is eligible to enter it. Please read the instructions carefully:

1. "LIKE" my Facebook Fan Page . Click the Like button that you can find at the top right corner of my blog.
2.  "FOLLOW" my blog.

3. Copy the photo of this giveaway and add it at the sidebar of your blog with a…

Winner of August 2012 Blog Giveaway

The August 2012 Blog Giveaway is officially CLOSED! And the winner for the August 2012 Blog Giveaway IS ---------------> LUCKY NUMBER 94! MISS KAVITHA VADHRI ! 
Congratulations Miss Kavita Vadhri  for winning the craft products. Hope you can email me your full details so that I can post the craft products to you soon.
Thank you all who have participated in my giveaway.  132 participants altogether. Actually there were more people who participated in this giveaway but quite a few did not follow the instructions given therefore had to be deleted from the list. Really sorry about that. Thank you for all your support in entering my giveaway. Appreciate it very much! :)
I will be holding another giveaway for September, which is my most favourite month of the year hehehe...........will be blogging about it soon...... ;)