Redecorate old raya cards

I was just looking through my card box the other day and found these old collection of ketupat raya cards in it. The truth is......these ketupat raya cards are old raya card designs that I made in the year 2008 haha!! So long ago!! But at the time I didn't know about quilling yet...and so the decorations I made for these ketupat cards were quite palin and simple. I just mainly played with colours , some sequins, gold dots and ribbons.

I still have quite a few of them in stock and I was thinking of what to do with them.....I thought of adding some quilled oil lamps on it just to make it more interesting :). I had some quilled oil lamps that I made for my 2010 raya card designs ....... and decided to see if they could somehow fit on the cards as decorations and WALLA!!! They fit nicely on the squares that's on cards!! :) They were just the right size for the squares. :)

So now the cards look a little different from the original design I made simply by just adding those quilled oil lamps. And it looks new! :D haha! Like a new design even though it's an old one haha :) I guess this is just another way of redecorating old cards to make them look a little fancy than usual ;).


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
They are cute....u r really good on craft and cards....i love the ketupat card that u made..the color combination is lovely....
Sonia said…
What a beautiful card:) I like very very much your quilling candles:)
Next 10 days I'll be' on holidays and I can't leave comments on your beautiful blog.
Have a wonderful weekend:)
Big hug dear creative friend:)
Jyoti Agrawal said…
This is very beautiful!
Shylaashree said…
Lovely card azlina

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