Purple and green parcel


I tried making another iris folding pattern but this time it's a square shape. I found the template via online on google images. There's lots of free iris folding templates that we can download and try out. This particular one seem easy enough to try and I loved how it turned out. This time I used a bigger sized ribbon since the template is quite big. 

I still have not yet tried using folded paper because I'm just super lazy ahahahaha. Using ribbons is faster. :D Besides, I have tons of ribbons that I can use for my iris folding experiments ehehehe! 

I used the iris folding pattern to make another birthday parcel....since it's bigger than the previous parcel I've made before, I had to redraw the ribbon on top of the parcel for this one. I'm not too happy with it, perhaps next time I'll draw a much better one hehe.

I also tried using the MS doily punch that I recently bought to make the bottom decoration of the card. I love that craft punch design so much. :) Actually the envelope is soft olive green in colour......so is the colour of the green ribbon.....but because of the lighting, the colour does not really show in the photos huhu.....


fayyza ideas said…
kak lin,cantiknya... :')
hehhehe....terima kasih Jaja ;)
Sonia said…
Wonderful creation Lin:)I love colours you used!
Big hug,Sonia
very nice, really like the colors!!
Great job on this one! The color combination is nice and the spiral effect frm the ribbons is really ver creative.

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