Red and pink on black


Look familiar? Ahahaha.....yes, it's the same design like the quilled flower frame I made before except that this one has a black background and it stands horizontally. I made this especially for my customer exactly like she requested it. The size of the frame is half the size of an A4 paper and can fit a 4R photo in it. 

Actually both of us weren't too sure about the background colour. We were kinda afraid if the black background wouldn't look as nice as the white one if the flowers and leaves were the same colour. But luckily it turned out alright and I actually changed only one colour from the original design which is the dark green colour. I changed it to teal instead. It's a little lighter shade of green compared to the dark's kinda like blueish green. 

I've been pretty busy with work lately and because of that it took me quite some time to finish making this frame. I guess I just don't have much time anymore these days to create. Been spending too much of my time on selling products for quilling instead. But at least I'm making others happy by giving them a chance to create their own artwork instead of just admiring mine hehehe. Now they can create their own beautiful designs and make their loved ones happy. Love making people it makes me happy too ;)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
so it...
dear, brape harga frame cm ni???
Aku Doktor Cinta....Lin jual RM20.00, harga tu tak termasuk delivery charges.
are said…
Salam.lin.memang cantik le you punya handmade...
Beautiful, like on a white background. Here is a good contrast!
Baukje said…
amazing how beautiful!
nice weekend
Greetings Baukje

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